Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where did all of our money go?!?!

My daughter had a toothache during Christmas and so we gad to wait until Monday to get into a dentist.  We went to one dentist that was on our provider list for our insurance.  He looked at her xrays and decided to refer us to another dentist.  We drove straight over there and they did a check up and xrays as well.  She has alot of issues towards the back so they made a treatment plan for her and they started that day.  Things are very high tech now, very different from when I had to go to the dentist all of the time.  It makes for a much better experience for everyone me.  I was afraid to tell her she was going to get a shot.  I told her it was going to be like a little pinch.  It was not like when I went to the dentist and you had to get that little pinch 5 or 6 times.  You get one little pinch and then a little machine pumps in the numbing medicine.  Much easier!!  After about 3 or so hours she was finally done with the one tooth.  We went out to check out and they gave me the estimate for her work and I about died!! It was going to be $2262 and the estimated cost that the insurance company was going to pay was $809 which left us with about $1453 to come up with.  Now, we can split it up into several visits for financial reasons.  It would cost more cause each time we would have to pay for the sedation since they say the insurance won't cover that.  Plus, it would mean that many more times she would have to go in and get stuff done instead of doing it all at once and being done with it.  When we got home I decided I would do a budget for us. I wanted to find a way to do this all at once.  Less traumatic for everyone me.  After figuring out what bills we have every month, I thought I would just see how much we had deposited over this year.  I COULD NOT believe the amount!! Unbelievable!! I sat there and re-added it several times because I was sure it had to be wrong.  But, no it was not.  Where in the hell did all of our money go???  I mean we have bills but, they don't even come close to what we were bringing in.  Here is a rough estimate of last year:  In: 70K, Bills out: 39K that is a difference of about 31K!! What did we do with $31,000.00??!?!  We have nothing to show for it that is for damn sure!  That 39K includes grocery store trips too.  I am sure that is overspent also.  So we are going to start the New Year with a budget and I am going to follow Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.  With any luck we will have no big issues and will be able to pay off a bunch of debt and have some savings!!

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