Friday, August 22, 2008

First week of school!

Well, we made it through the first week of school. The kids and I had to be headed out of the house by 6am for everyone to make it where they needed to be on time. This meant a 5 am wake up call for Brendan and I. He had to shower in the morning so he had to be up early. I let Madison sleep a little longer and then would get her up after I was done getting myself ready. Then about 5 minutes before we would have to leave I would throw some clothes on Riley. We then head to town to drop Madison and Riley off at daycare and then Madison would be taken to school by them because she doesn't start for an hour and a half after Brendan. After they are all settled, I take Brendan to his friends house where they hang until it is time for them to be at school. It was a little rough the first day as Madison didn't get on the bus after school to go back to daycare and her teacher had to call me to come and get her. But, everything was pretty good. I was amazed!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping Trip to Ridgeway

Sorry I have been so lame on keeping this updated. We recently went camping to Ridgeway. We spent the night at a great campground!! It had clean bathrooms which is a huge plus for me. It even had a laundry facility. After making it through a very rainy night in which Brandon and I woke up with a little pond in our tent, we headed to Ouray, CO. We did the little hike up to the Cascade Falls which was amazing!! Then, we camped out another night and did a repeat of the thunderstorm only this time we had bought some spray stuff to keep the water out. So we woke up nice and dry. We got up and headed out on the boat and tried fishing. I was the only one with a bite and Riley got to reel it in, he was soooo excited he could hardly keep from falling of the back of the boat. We decided to let the fish go and he was not happy about that. We had to wait until he wasn't looking and let it go. Besides the rain the only bad thing about the trip was Riley, he is terrified of the thunder!! Not just a little either, he sat in my car in the dark until it stopped. The next morning a truck had started and made a sound similar to thunder and he took off running to hide!