Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!!

I am going to try and participate more in the blogosphere. There are many things that go on to participate in and some great reading.
For today, Not Me Monday is a list of things I absolutely did not do! Who does those things anyway? After reading please head over to McMama's Blog and check out other Not Me Mondays for some good laughs.

- I did not make Totino's Pizza three times last week because I was to lazy to make anything else. No, not me!

- I did not sit and watch my three year old play in a bowl of shredded cheese and continue to roll it into a ball and make a mess. I did not, not say anything to him cause he was completely entertained and not screaming or fighting with his sister.

-I did not spend most of Saturday on my rear doing nothing but watching TV and playing on the computer.


Always Been Different said...

and I surely didn't sit on my rear all weekend either :-)

Robin said...

Cute "not me's"! I, myself, would never make pizza too often and I sure didn't comment to my husband last night that our pizza cutter that we just bought a couple months ago seems dull already!